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cyan_mytta [userpic]

Hi there, how are you guys?

January 5th, 2010 (09:29 pm)

current mood: cold
current song: Tom Waits Glitter and Doom



cyan_mytta [userpic]

The light that falls among the trees by Sivert Høyem

October 1st, 2009 (06:58 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: Sivert Høyem

Leaves turning
Blowing down the streets....Blind
Please don`t talk to me
I`ll let you pass right trough me
If you only leave me be

The light that falls among the the trees
The light that falls among the the trees

Breathe,keep breathing
Hang upon the air...Free
An alien son...Last living thing on earth
A shadow of a vision
In the ruins of a church

The light that falls among the the trees
The light that falls among the the trees

Sleeping for a while on the burning sand
Waking up sleeping in a foreign land
Drinking for a while just to steady your hand
Waking up shaking on the burning desert sands

See people like you don`t satisfy my needs
I much prefer the company of trees
But coming from the woods in the electric rain
Isolation years are driving me insane

So can you reach across to me
Lighten up my life...Ohh
So can you reach across to me
Lighten up my...Lighten up my life
Ain`t it right...Please don`t make it wrong
Please don`t make it wrong
Please don`t make it wrong
Please don`t make it wrong
Brighten up my ..life..life

cyan_mytta [userpic]

I`m a mess, and I kindà like it ;)

September 20th, 2009 (10:52 am)

current song: Unni Wilhelmsen

Can`t stop by Unni Wilhelmsen

He tells me it needn`t be dangerous
but what does he know
and the record keeps playing
and I rest my case for a moment there
I rest my case and maybe I`ll try
for a second or so
I can`t stop, what`s coming
what he`s doing to me

I`m surrounded by things that I love
and silence is anchored up
and I need a clean surface
to mess up now and I need
for a moment there I need
and maybe I`ll need for a second or so
I can`t stop what`s coming
what`s appearing inside

And it`s nobody`s business
nobody`s business but mine!
nobody`s, nobody`s
I am ....

He tells me it needn`t be dangerous
but what does he know
and the record has stopped
and i rest my case for a moment
I rest my case
and maybe I`ll try for a second or so......

cyan_mytta [userpic]

Summer up North 2009

August 10th, 2009 (11:30 pm)
Tags: ,

current mood: melancholy

Just thought I`d show you guys who is not on Facebook some pics from this summer. We had lovely weather for once ;D

midnattsol 2009

more under hereCollapse )

cyan_mytta [userpic]


August 10th, 2009 (10:43 pm)

Bla bla

Ok it worked, I`m up an running again.
New laptop...installing stuff all over again.
It`s a drag *nods*

cyan_mytta [userpic]

Makiing up for not paying enough atention to you lately love :)

July 8th, 2009 (11:50 pm)

current mood: awake
current song: Tom Waits 2.19

Irrelevant Topics in a new section featuring conversations between musicians, artists, writers, etc. on various subjects, without promotional pretext or editorial direction. For the first in this series of conversations, the legendary musician and performer, Tom Waits agreed lend an hour of his time to talk about anything and nothing in particular.
come read...Collapse )

cyan_mytta [userpic]

A bit conflicted again......but not about the usual stuff :) Or maybe......

July 8th, 2009 (10:46 pm)

current mood: confused
current song: Bob Dylan Infidels

I went to a Nick Cave concert in June...and I`m totally lost in him these days. I feel like i`m neglecting my dear Tom Waits,who has been with me for so many years. I try playing Tom Waits and it`s nice and I feel the love. But then before I know it I`m back...with Nick. So now I`ve turned to Dylan (the old stuff) *lol* Do I need help? *ggg*

I love you Tom...and I will return to you, as I always do.

cyan_mytta [userpic]

Tired, a bit sad and....just kill the birds will ya`

June 24th, 2009 (02:48 am)

current mood: cranky

I`m actually a bit pissed right now because:I've had to little sleep for days, and not a single one of you would wants to have anything do do with  me if I haven't had at least  8 hours.. And for two days now fucking birds  have  been waking me up at 4.am. So I have the day off tomorrow and I have plans. Can still not sleep. My son just arrived at my dad's, he took a plain today. Good I`m glad,but I miss him. Last night was his 'graduation' and I feel that I have no idea who my son is. He`s off to school  for older kids next fall. Hell be the youngest one, the most vulnerable again.I love his new teacher though, he is my friend,a fiddler's player and vocalists in one of my all-time favourite bands and I feel that he can SEE Markus and it will all be good....Still.....I don't know how else to put this....anyone who gets this feel free to talk to me.

cyan_mytta [userpic]

What the hell happened to my hands?

June 11th, 2009 (06:04 pm)

current mood: annoyed
current song: Nick Cave,Idiot Prayer

All of a sudden I`ve got old hands. I hate that, the 40`s are just one downhill after another *argggg*

cyan_mytta [userpic]

A Dream Within A Dream

June 10th, 2009 (05:41 pm)
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current location: Inside my head
current mood: peculiar
current song: Nick Cave, Murder Ballads

Take this kiss upon the brow!
  And, in parting from you now,
  Thus much let me avow--
  You are not wrong, who deem
  That my days have been a dream:
  Yet if hope has flown away
  In a night, or in a day,
  In a vision or in none,
  Is it therefore the less _gone_?
  _All_ that we see or seem
  Is but a dream within a dream.
  I stand amid the roar
  Of a surf-tormented shore,
  And I hold within my hand
  Grains of the golden sand--
  How few! yet how they creep
  Through my fingers to the deep
  While I weep--while I weep!
  O God! can I not grasp
  Them with a tighter clasp?
  O God! can I not save
  _One_ from the pitiless wave?
  Is _all_ that we see or seem
  But a dream within a dream?


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